Who are our residents?

Our residents are currently people earning below R15 000 per month. They might be lower-income working people in the formal sector, informal traders, self-employed, or domestic workers. Some of them are disability pensioners. A large percentage or our tenants are women with small children.

Who can become a tenant?

YCH is a social housing company. This means that it is not just for anyone. Our housing units are government-subsidized and there are some requirements to get this subsidy. You can get this subsidy, if:

Ø  You are a South African citizen or have a permanent residence permit,

Ø  You are married or living with a long term partner,

Ø  You are single, over 21 and have dependants,

Ø  Your household earns a gross combined income of R15 000 or less per month,

Ø  You and your wife/ husband/ partner have never received a housing subsidy from the government before,

Ø  You understand the meaning of a contract and the responsibility that comes with it.


What to do next?

If you fulfil the requirements for subsidies you must apply for the subsidy. This is how you do it:

1.    You bring the following documents to the YCH office:

    Ø  Certified photocopies of you and your partners identity documents,

    Ø  A marriage certificate if married, proof of divorce if divorced or proof of death if you are widowed,

    Ø  Your pay slip or other proof of how much you earn in a month for the last 3 months. If self-employed you need to bring an affidavit.

    Ø  A bank statement for the last 6 months

    Ø  Birth certificate or ID document and affidavit for dependants, or a permanent residence permit if you are not South African.

          2.    We will give you a subsidy application form.

3.    We submit your form for approval for the Department of Housing Gauteng.

4.    If approved, we will put you on our waiting list.

5.    When a unit becomes available, we will inform you.

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