The Jubilee Centre in Burgers Park Lane was built as part of a broader vision to develop a multi-purpose inner city community centre on the site bought in 2000. It was the first multi-purpose apartment complex developed by Yeast City Housing, offering 16 family units, and also accommodating The Potter�s House, the offices of Yeast City Housing and the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, as well as a small chapel. This was the first medium-density residential development in the central part of the inner city in 20 years. It was noted for the way in which it combined high levels of integration, a low and efficient budget, and an aesthetically pleasing design and construction. 

The Potter�s House was established in 1993 but only received housing subsidies in 2000 as one of the pilot projects of the Gauteng Department of Housing in their transitional housing programme. The newly built Potter�s House has become a model transitional housing facility for women at-risk, offering 24 beds to women at-risk, with their children. The property is owned and managed by Yeast City Housing, whilst TLF/PCM is managing the social development programme in the facility. It was incorporated into the development of the site on Burgers Park Lane.


Project description

A mixed-use, mixed-income

facility including 16 institutional housing units, 24 beds for special needs housing (women-at-risk), offices & social services, and chapel

Total project value

R 3,504,500 (plus land of R 600,000)



Provincial housing subsidy

R 357,400

Loan finance

R 1,593.593.60


USAID: R 455,000


R 320,000

Current value:

R 4,400,000

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