Many socio-economic issues have led to broken families and an alarming growth in the number of young girls living on the streets. In responding to this challenge, PCM (as it was then called) established a shelter for them in 1993, called Lerato House.  Later it was found that some of these children were too young, or could not be re-united with their families and needed a more permanent home, working together with PCM we were able to secure a suitable facility at 36 & 38 Loop Street, Berea, Pretoria. With generous support from the Department of Human Settlements the plan to renovate these two houses became a reality. We now accommodate a total number of 10 young girls aged between 11 and 18. The girls are under the supervision of two house mothers and are all now attending school. This is yet another practical demonstration of how vulnerable children can be given a better quality of life when we all put our shoulders to the wheel. Arrangements can be made for anyone who wishes to visit Tshwelelang by calling 012-320 6239/012- 320 3588.

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